Our Team


WL is a movement to inspire people to love each other thru all they say and do.


The products WL offers reflects your commitment to influencing your world through love. 

Love is both transformational and contagious. With love at the core, life is both seen & lived in an authentically beautiful way.

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Wear Love. Put it On. Wear it Out.


Lynne | Founder and Creative Director

I love art, design and fashion.  I look at Pantone's color chart on a regular basis.  I am a little addicted to Pinterest (can you be a little addicted?)  
One of my favorite home decor pieces is the front of an old jeep I bought and hung on my wall. It reminds me to take my life off road and make an impact.  Love will make you do that!
I love cowboy boots, my WEAR LOVE apparel (of course), Country Music, Mumford and Sons and chocolate covered cherries.  One of my favorite books is "Love Does" by Bob Goff.  My goal is to live that life of love and adventure!!  




Carl | Website Design and Brand Consultant

I love gadgets. I go weak in the knees for new technology. Sharper images, clearer sound, innovative design are some of my favorite keywords.

I like to get creative in every medium. I dabble in music, video, Instagram (but don't we all), and even a little creative writing. Still my favorite outlet is my guitar and my voice. I can only go a few days without strumming.

I love good books, hot tea, cold ice cream and good company. I don't know of anything better than a dinner table surrounded by my family and friends. I’m a Ben and Jerry’s spokesman (unpaid volunteer). I bleed Manchester United colors and have yet to find a sport I won't watch. I have yet to meet a stranger and I pray I never do.




Sean | Director of Photography

I am a recovering Burrito addict. I live in Spain and have been to over 36 countries and counting.

I love helping people tell their stories and trying to live a great one of my own.

My hidden talent is glass blowing. I love to cook and create in all that I do in life! I once rode a mountain bike from Alaska to Mexico – it took me 95 days. I love the mountains and the ocean!  I'm a documentarian at heart, whether that’s shooting portraits for a wedding or a documentary for National Geographic. No matter what stories I tell, every person, subject matter, or cause is important to me; I try to express and share each story in the manner in which I perceive them.    

I love to put on a nice suit just to take it off, and then put on mountaineering gear for a long trek in the Burma Jungle. I love to be on two wheels whenever possible.  I love good wine, good cigars, fresh-made pasta and bread with olive oil. I am serious about my family, friends, and they make sure I don't get too serious.