Wear Love® was started by “accident”.  What began as a photo art company in 2010 turned into a t shirt line.

We printed some cool tee’s with our company name, Spit in the Dirt™ on the back, and wear Love on front to advertise our new venture.  We were surprised when people started asking for the t shirts.  We started selling from our home base in Boston and before we knew it, we had a website and a shop on Etsy. Soon we were shipping across the country and around the world.  It was amazing to see 2 simple words “wear Love”  together on a tee could help people see themselves and others in a different light.

 The team at wear Love is having fun designing and selling t shirts.

 We love the creative process, but this is so much more than a clothing line.  The real inspiration is in the message. We want the words “Wear Love Put it On. Wear it Out” to invite people into a place of adventure and aspiration.  To be their unique, authentic selves.   We want people to discover what wearing love means for them.

Wear Love® is an invitation to live the exceptional life you were meant to live.  

Wear Love®

Put it On. Wear it Out.